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Grand Repair Powerbonding CICA Hair Mask 120ml
Product Code: 4626
120ml / 4.06 fl oz
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What is it?

GRAND REPAIR POWERBONDING CICA HAIR MASK is an Anti-breakage and anti-split end leave in treatment for damaged hair.

Rich leave-in cream mask with CICA instantly penetrates the hair shaft for grand repair. Power bonding formula helps reduce breakage and split ends. Application after application, GRAND REPAIR POWERBONDING CICA HAIR MASK provides cumulative protection against daily wear and tear.

So…What is CICA?

Doesn’t it feel like every day a different skin care product is trending, a new ingredient, a new science…? Right now, one of the most buzzed-about skin care ingredients is an ingredient nicknamed “CICA”.

CICA is a formulation in health and beauty that gets its name from the fact that it is formulated with; Centella Asiatica (nicknamed CICA). And what is Centella Asiatica? It’s an herb, also known as Gotu Kola, or Tiger Grass, from traditional Chinese medicine. Its most interesting element is that this ingredient contains key lamellar elements that help surround, cocoon and protect hair fibers.

Who it is for?

Normal and color treated hair

Anyone who wants hair with more

-       Strength

-       Density

-       Vitality

-       Shine

-       Silkiness

Why is it unique?

Formulated with CICA and state of the air hair repair, luster boosting and power bonding technologies

Multi levels hair repair

  • Restores protection to the hair's surface, leaving it soft to the touch with healthy-looking shine.
  • Cumulative Repair, wash after wash, continuous protection
  • Power bonding - Hair Fiber repair, smoothes hair shaft for smooth hair and boosted shine
  • Lamellar structure fills in breaches in damaged hair fibers to restore and fortify its structure.
  • Over time, with continued use, hair feels just like new


  • Reinforcing: the formula reinforces each hair fibre to give it strength to resist daily wear and tear.
  • Re-Surfacing: smoothness of the hair fibre looks restored, leaving it soft to the touch with a healthy looking shine.
  • For longer, stronger, healthier looking hair.


GLB Gotu Kola Extract GL

  • Aka “CICA”
  • Which is composed of Centella asiatica extract and contains defined polyphenol (caffeoylquinic acids) with high antioxidant properties.
  • Helps reduce first signs of dryness and superficial dehydration

Behentrimonium Methosulfate

  • Able to condition, detangle, improve hydrophobicity, and increase shine across hair types of various origins.
  • In addition, tress tests and salon studies were conducted to assess wet and dry aesthetics. The results of these studies demonstrate its excellent conditioning performance , restores hydrophobicity, detangles, conditio
  • improved hair feel

Camellia(TEA SEED)Oil

  • Is an extract and contains defined polyphenol (caffeoylquinic acids) with high antioxidant properties.
  • Helps reduce first signs of dryness and superficial dehydration and recreates a lucid complexion.

Dimethicone Comple a highly water soluble copolyol.

  • Conditions skin and hair and adds gloss to the hair.


  • Is designed to help create lustrous, healthy-looking hair.
  • It increases the “Hair Humidity Resistance Factor” (H2RF) to reduce the effect of humidity and provides manageability and control over frizz.
  • Will maintain the shine normally lost by the hair during shampooing.
  • Also proven to condition and detangle both virgin and bleached hair.
  • All of these benefits are further complemented by its ability to resist build-up, allowing the consumer to remain faithful to one brand without the need for stripping or anti-residue shampoos.

Granrepair PowerBond

  • Is an innovative next generation bond technology that protects, strengthens, and repairs damaged hair from harmful effects?
  • Results have shown to last several hair washing and drying cycles, outperforming the competition in comparative salon tests.
  • It works by protecting existing disulfide bonds and as well as reconnecting broken ones caused from excessive bleaching, over-treatment, and extreme flat iron use.
  • Its unique silicone composition compared to other salt complexes provides increased deposition to the hair with less potential for unwanted wash-off, leading to enhanced performance, outstanding softening, shine and improved wet and dry combing performance.
  • Protects the bonds from initial breakage and repairs broken bonds from severe damage.

Linden Blossom Tea

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Phyto polyphenols