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Pro-Barrier CICA Eye Gel-Cream 30 ml
Product Code: 4618
30ml/ 1 fl oz
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What is it?

Tired of looking tired?

Our exclusive CICA gel-cream formulation is designed to deliver our potent anti-aging ingredients exactly where your skin needs it most.  Formulated with Centella Asiatica (CICA), Haloxyl, Vitamin K1 and a unique moisture regulator, this formula helps fight the most stubborn signs of aging around the delicate eye area (creepiness, dark circles, puffiness, and loss of brightness, firmness and hydration). 

So…What is CICA? 

Doesn’t it feel like every day a different skin care product is trending, a new ingredient, a new science…? Right now, one of the most buzzed-about skin care ingredients is an ingredient nicknamed “CICA”.

CICA is a formulation in health and beauty that gets its name from the fact that it is formulated with; Centella Asiatica (nicknamed CICA).  And what is Centella Asiatica? It’s an herb, also known as Gotu Kola, or Tiger Grass, from traditional Chinese medicine.  Its most interesting element is that this ingredient contains key lamellar elements that help surround, cocoon and protect the sensitive and vulnerable epidermal cells and help support the skin barrier, keeping the skin hydrated, plump and radiant looking.


  • Super Hydrates – with lamellar “cocoon” structure
  • Brightens – targets under eye dark circles and puffiness
  • Tightens – reduces appearance of puffiness and creepiness
  • Awakens – helps targets superficial imperfections around the entire eye contour epidermal congestion.
  • Youthful, energetic and smiling eyes

Why is it unique?

  • Proprietary CICA gel-cream formulation with potent anti-aging ingredients designed to deliver exactly where your skin needs it most.
  • Helps create a lamellar structure similar to skin lipids. This aids in restoring and strengthening a weakened skin barrier in a way that is found in the lamellar structure of younger healthier skin barrier.
  • Acts like an invisible yet reliable shield of protection for the vulnerable eye area.
  • To help replenish lost skin lipids in sensitive, dry, compromised or fragile skin.
  • Helps restore and support skin barrier (lamellar structure).  Important for reducing TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) keeping the skin plump and protected against factors that strip and draw essential moisture and nutrients from the skin.

Formulated with

GLB Gotu Kola Extract GL / RUBISTEM™
  • Aka “CICA”
  • Which is composed of Centella asiatica extract and contains defined polyphenol (caffeoylquinic acids) with high antioxidant properties.
  • Helps reduce first signs of dryness and superficial dehydration (creepiness) and recreates a lucid complexion.
  • It helps decrease puffiness (vasodilation) and helps to protect the delicate- capillary environment.
  • Protects and promotes cell regeneration in exposed skin weakened by environmental aggressions.
  • Soothes redness and cracking, particularly beneficial for sensitive skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate: 
  • Is a naturally occurring glycosaminoglycan.
  • is a major constituent of the extracellular matrix and is important for cellular protection, osmoregulation and moisturization, metabolic function and restoring skin elasticity.
  • Is a natural humectant and it preserves the elasticity and the firmness of the skin with its moisture retention properties, giving skin a softer feel, and more youthful appearance.
  • N-Hydroxysuccinimide (and) Chrysin (and) Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7
  • Is an association of two matrikines that lessens the appearance of under eye dark circles.
  • Helps to reinforce firmness and tone of the eye area
  • Helps microcirculation to target dark circles and puffiness
Vitamin K1
  • (also known as Phytonadione) is a fat-soluble vitamin primarily found in green leafy vegetables.
  • In cosmetics, it is used to target dark circles under the eyes and other superfical imperfections that are visible (such as redness and uneven skin texture).
Aloe Vera
  • calm and soothe
HydraSynol™ DOI
  • Is the smart skin hydrator.
  • Osomotic regulator - It works by stimulating endogenous hydration network based on skin’s need for hydration.

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