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All-in-One Complete Body Firming with Caffeine 240ml
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  • Intensive treatment for simple, yet dramatic all around skin firming, smoothing, and brightening, all in ONE easy step.  Boasting our phyto-amino-peptide complex concentrate that addresses the whole skin surface for a younger, brighter and smoother look. Powerful & complete. 
  • A combination of anti aging elements to help smooth, hydrate and plump up the skin granting elasticity and suppleness.

Why is it unique?

  • A multi-tasking formulation combines:
    •  nutrient rich trace minerals;
    • powerful peptides;
    • phyto-extracts;
    • skin plumper's
    • Stimulating caffeine for a complete skin care treatment.
  • The key ingredients have been isolated as having a positive effect o the skin; we have enhanced this experience by using a liquid crystal delivery system which not only makes the product feel great, it also helps add immediate and long lasting moisturization.


Bio peptide CL™:

  • Targets many aspects of skin wrinkles
  • Reduces visible wrinkle length and depth
  • Smoothes skin surface
  • Alternative to Vitamin A without harmful side effects. 
  • Firms the skin
  • Positive stimulant to the skin surface

Matrixyl™ 3000

  • Lab created, next generation of peptides (after the original Matrixyl™) to visibly fight the signs of aging
  • Contains matrikines (peptides) acting in synergy to repair the cutaneous damages of age
  • Created by Sederma to be the replacement for Matrixyl™ for the next generation of skin care – or skin care evolution.
  • Contains all same elements of Matrixyl along with the addition of the tetrapeptide, to further aid in wrinkle smoothing, skin plumping and cushioning.
  • Takes the matrikines concept further by combining the tripeptide and tetrapeptide for a stronger anti-aging reparative effect.
  • Stimulates and supports collagen in the skin – important for wrinkle smoothing
  • Stimulates and supports fibronectin.  Connective tissue that helps support dermal matrix.  Supports the skin.
  • Stimulates and supports hyaluronic acid.  Skin natural moisture magnet.  Help keep skin soft, elastic and cushiony.
  • Studies suggest up to 45% less visible wrinkles in 2 months

Trace Minerals – an aqueous mixture of five skin care minerals- magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and silicon (with yeast additive),

Sodium Hyaluronate -

  • Pure sodium hyaluronate concentrate
  • Ingredient shown to : 
  • Increase hydration
  • Boost elasticity
  • Decrease skin roughness
  • Rejuvenates the skin by improving its visco-elastic properties and significantly decreasing deep wrinkles - which makes it an ideal anti-winkles ingredient without injection!
  • Reduces trans-epidermal water loss and improves skin barrier function
    • significant improvement of physiological characteristics of cutaneous barrier and of skin hydration.

Iso-Slim Complex (a powerful blend of Caffeine, Carnitine, Spirulina and Soy Isoflavones), targets the skin firming and smoothing , targets body care, helps to enhance the tactile feel of the skin, promotes softness and suppleness to the skin,

Liquid Crystal

  • Enhanced moisturizer and delivery system
  • Lamellar gel short and long term hydration
  • “Once a day application”
  • Keeps skin moist longer, excellent for dry skin
  • as the base and delivery system,


  • All skin types.  Those who want to treat the skin on the body as well as the skin of the face.
  • Those who want the skin on the body to look younger, softer, smoother
  • Men and women