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Uplift Crema Seno 120ml
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120 ml
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What is it?

  • Help firm and sculpt bust contour
  • An uplifting formulation combining select phyto and  peptide technologies to support the delicate and fragile skin tissue of the upper torso (ie: bustline, décolleté).
  • Helps firm and tone the skin via hydration supporting this delicate skin tissue.
  • The longer you use it the better the results.

Who is it for?

  • Women who want to restore, enhance, maintain curvier bust profile.
  • Skin that has lost tone or become fragile and delicate over time.
  • Sensitive / delicate skin – formulation free of fragrance and parabens.

Why is it different?

  • Nature and science come together to extract key ingredients to help address this area and its particular concerns


From Nature –

       Asian Plant; Sarsasapogenin

       The active substance promoting the shapeliness of the décolleté

  In vivo:

56-day clinical trial on 28 volunteers who applied a cream gel containing 5%
VOLUFILINE™ to one breast twice daily. Each subject acted as her own control
(one untreated breast). Application was randomized.

   Measurement of the remodeling effect using the FOITS method:

  • 1.4% increase in the volume at T28 days;
  • up to a 2.2% increase at T56 days

    For the best responders:

  • 6.4% increase at 28 days
  • and 8.4% increase at 56 days

             wheat, barley, arnica all in the correct isomer, work in concert for skin firmness and tone

From Science –

Asian plant extract identified as supporting an increase in surface volume and supporting adipose curves of the body (i.e. bust contour).

  • Improves appearance, tone, and clarity of the skin
  • From science the extracts are engineered and isolated to form an invisible network on the skin for additional support, like a “virtual bra technology” to help provide firming and toning benefits to the bust area.


  • After one application, skin looks and feels softer, smoother and suppler.
  • After one week, skin in the bust area feels tighter.
  • After two weeks, skins feel firmer.
  • After four weeks, skin looks firmer

  Comments from users: women who tried it saw/felt:

  • An overall improvement of the appearance in the bust area.
  • Their breasts were more toned.
  • Tighter skin in the breast area.
  • A visible reduction in stretch marks.