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SPC Circadian Cream with Clock Technology 55ml
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55ml/1.86 fl oz
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What is it?

Wake up to your best skin every-day.  Imagine putting your skin on a sleep / wake schedule so that it can be at its best.  That is what we have created with this new formula.  
A cream formula designed to help restore revitalize and rejuvenate.  Formulated with clock technology to help address the specific daytime and night-time support the skin needs to look its absolute best 24 hours a day.  

Why is it important?

Exclusive and unique formula from Isomers Skincare Technologies.
During the day, the skin works to fight off various elements from temperature and dryness.  In the daytime the skin takes on a  moisture defense role focusing on shielding the skin when it’s most vulnerable.
At night, when you are at rest, the skin works to renew.  It essentially regroups and goes into moisture restoration.  
Finding the right support nutrients and tools to help the skin with its job is now possible with this new formulation.  The cream is designed to provide the latest bio-functional peptides inspired by science to work with the skin’s natural circadian cycle.

Skin Benefits:
o    Fresher looking skin, boosts normal cell turnover and helps synchronize the appearance of the skin to appear all on the same page while the tetrapeptide technology helps give the skin a rested radiance and vibrancy
o    Brighter skin , with a reduction of visible ruddiness that daytime environmental stressors may promote
o    Smoother looking skin especially around smile areas i.e. crow’s feet and under eye (two difficult areas that undergo a lot of stress and strain with daily activity)
o    Eye area appears wider and smoother, more youthful and firm
Targets – Who should be using this…
o    Tired, lack lustre looking skin
o    Skin exposed environmental stressors
o    Tired looking eye area, crow’s feet and under eye bags and puffiness
o    Skin that is losing the appearance of its tone and vitality

Formulated with:
•    Chronogen™ bio-funcitonal
o    Anti-aging tetrapeptide designed using advanced molecular biology for a more youthful appearance.
o    The circadian skin – follows a day / night pattern.  Skin follows different characteristics day and night – important for the appearance of vibrant skin health – important to help skin with the clock schedule and to help re-synchronize the appearance of the skin
?    trans epidermal water loss
o    Improvement in skin moisture
o    Help in the moisture defense (day) and restore (night)
o    Plays a pivotal role in revitalizing healthy looking skin
o    Helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, helps keep skin looking brighter, (diminished the appearance of skin color (brown/ orange) , helps support normal cell turnover
o    Skin turnover is directly proportional  to the appearance of skin dullness, therefore, Chronogen™ may help improve skin turnover and exfoliation.
•    Rejuline™
o    Extends longevity of skin hydration
o    Helps enhance the appearance of collagen
o    Significant difference on the appearance of wrinkles and slackened skin
•    XEP™-018
o    Instant visible line relaxer
o    Peptide of cone snail venom for visibly wrinkle relaxing
o    In a 33 participant clinical study, 2 hours after application
?    Visible crow’s feet line smoothing
o    2 and 8 hours after application
?    Visible results after 8 hours
?   28 days of  daily use
•    Significant and visible decrease of the appearance of wrinkles aspect when smiling
o    Crow’s feet
o    Under eye area
•    Snail secretion filtrate
o    Exfoliating action
o    Helps with a firmer looking skin
o    Provides moisture and hydration
o    Antioxidant – scavenges free-radicals
o    Improves the appearance of skin elasticity and restores the look of skin architecture
o    Helps reduce the appearance of superficial imperfections.

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