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Immortal Lip Recovery Serum 8ml
Product Code: 4293
8ml/ 0.27 fl oz
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What is it?

Formulation designed for “The Perfect Pout”.   This multi-active formula is a long lasting lip enhancer boosting moisturization, form tone and lip shape.  Immortal technology boosts delivery of key actives while enhancing the overall definition and volume of the lip surface area and its shape.  Enjoy fatter, fuller lips without injections.

Why is it unique?

Proprietary / Exclusive Immortal Technology along with high tech high efficacy science for an intensive dedicated lip rehydrating and recovery formula.

Formulation Contains:

Immortal Technology

  • African resurrection bush.  Deeply rehydrating and restructuring of surface cell organization for a denser more hydrated lip surface.  Reduces trans-epidermal water loss and supports a healthy youthful skin barrier function, for lips that are soft, robust and well defined.
  • Protects membranes during dehydration
  • Protects skin lipids from oxidation
  • Revives the skin for longer than 48 hours after a single application
  • Rehydrates dry skin, strengthens the weakened skin barrier, revitalises sensitive skin, visibly and noticeably improves skin texture


  • The Long lasting, lip enhancer
  • Plumping effect minimizes fine lines , wrinkles and creases on and around the lip area
  • Visibly enhancing lips for fuller, more desirable lips in only 28 days


  • Lips look more full and plump
  • Increase in curvature of the lower lip
  • Improvement of the internal and superficial lip texture with a visible impact on the lip shape
  • Hydration and softness.
  • Overall younger looking lips


  • Vehiculization of sodium hyaluronate particles for better penetration
  • Enhances moisturization of lip skin
  • Produces long term plumping effect through hydration
  • Helps to keep lips supple looking.
  • Plumps , redefines and minimizes small vertical lines
  • Keeps lip contours in shape

Hyaluronic Filling Spheres ™

  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Long lasting hydration
  • 3D volume effect via hydration

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants fuller, softer and more youthful looking lips
  • As we age our lips become thinner, lose volume due to both collagen and lipid (fat) loss.  This results in lips that have lost their shape, definition and presence.  This formulation helps to restore a more youthful lip contour one that is well hydrated, good in color, tone and density.

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