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It's Gorgeous Foundation Shade 3 15ml
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15 ml/ 0.51 fl oz us
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Get it right each and every time. That is the aim of our Custom Blend or Multi Shade Foundation System. The freedom and the product to allow you to color match to your skin tone and shade each day, every day. With our serum foundation system, the product glides on the skin and allows for layering, so that you can also control the amount of color, so you can go from a sheer sport tint all the way to deep intense coverage, all in one system. 

What is it?

Unique color matching foundation system with nourishing elements to help give you a perfect finish while supporting your skin. 

Mineral based foundation

  • Contains Matrixyl™ - wrinkle smoothing peptide
  • Contains magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (map / vitamin c)
    • Antioxidant; skin brightening; collagen supporting
    • Supports collagen strands
    • Helps fight free radical damage to the skin
    • Protective effect on the appearance of damaged skin.
    • On the skin converts into ascorbic acid plus the other important components such as magnesium and phosphorus. Works synergistically with Vitamin E.

Why is it unique?

3 shades for perfect color matching everyday all year long

  • Shade 1: makes for an excellent highlighter/concealer. It is a pink undertone light color perfect for fair skin.
  • Shade 2: is a yellow-based medium tone. Most will find that this one alone is a perfect match.
  • Shade 3: is a warm deep rich color excellent for dark skins. Also makes for an excellent bronzer for fair/medium skin tones.

Who is it for?

  • All skin types
  • Build coverage as light or as intense
  • High definition performance for a perfect finish to the skin
  • Takes the guess work out of trying to find a foundation that matches your skin tone