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Immortal Dermal Booster Bonus Size
Product Code: 3134
30ml/ 1 fl oz
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What is it:

  • Concentrated Booster Serum
    • Combines glycans and specific extremophile organisms

Why is it Unique:

  • Major anti-aging discovery directly inspired by glycol-biology and extremophile-biology 
  • Identified the importance of glycans
    • Within the skin, after DNA & Stem Cells, youth cellular keys known as glycans have been discovered.
    • In a young healthy skin, glycans are numerous at every level of the skin – on the cell surface and in the matrix – to ensure essential vital cell functions and cell messaging.
    • With age the rate of glycans drops – skin starts to lose it vitality, the cells become drier, older, and lose their density and form. 
    • Visibly we see loss of density, the formation of wrinkles, uneven skin surface
  • Identified the importance of extremophiles
    • Extremophiles are organisms in nature created as survival organism able to withstand harsh environmental conditions: exceptional day/night temperature differences, extreme exposure to light, long dry season

Studies demonstrate:

  • Protects membranes during dehydration
    • Protects skin lipids from oxidation
    • Revives the skin for longer than 48 hours after a single application
    • Rehydrates dry skin, strengthens the weakened skin barrier, re-vitalizes sensitive skin, visibly and noticeably improves skin texture (in-vivo study)
  • Unique combination of two sciences:
    • For the first time, isomers skincare has created a complex combining glycans & unique life inspiring extremophiles to create an “immortal” complex – that re-ignites youthfulness to the skin cells, boosts the synthesis of the skins structural components – and the skin renewal process for a total anti-aging performance.

Key benefits:

  • Introduces & combines extremophiles & glycans to protect the skin’s cells against dryness, aging, loss of density, and form
  • Helps to firm and thicken the skin surface through hydration
  • Smooth’s and evens skin surface
  • Helps form protective membrane
  • Helps protect the skin cells from osmotic and environmental damage
  • Helps introduce and support protective proteins
  • Prevent damage caused by severe dehydration

Complex of extremophiles isolated and identified for this formula

  • ECTOIN – from the desert
  • ANTARCTINE – from under icebergs
  • SNOW ALGAE – from mountain tops
  • Introducing….
      • A dead bush, that is able to “come back to life”
      • Desiccate tolerant resurrection plant.
      • When “dead”, this plant exists in a quiescent, desiccated state. That is, the metabolism is at or near zero, along with a significant reduction in cell and tissue volume.

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