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ISOMERS for Men - Shave Cream & Cleanser 240ml
Product Code: 209
240mL 8.12 fl oz us/8.45 fl oz uk
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What is it?

Gentle and refreshing shave cream and facial cleanser in one. Exclusive blend is designed to cool, soothe and calm your skin before, during and after shaving. It has added technologies to help exfoliate and re-texturize the skin.  Engineered for maximum skin comfort when shaving and to help keep the skin of the entire face area clean and clear.  Fragrance and paraben free.

Why is it unique?

  • Cleanse the skin without stripping the protective acid mantle

  • Helps exfoliate the skin keeping it clear looking

  • Leaves skin soft, clean and refreshed

  • Excellent for shaving - adding comfort and lubricity to the skin for a smooth clean shave

  • Can be used in the shower or at the basin

  • All skin types

  • Fragrance free