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ISOMERS for Men - Moisture Cream 55ml
Product Code: 208
55 ml / 1.86 fl oz us / 1.94 fl oz uk
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What is it?

Intensive treatment for dramatic all around skin hydrating, smoothing, and brightening cream in one single blend.  Boasting our exclusive phyto-amino-peptide complex concentrate. Engineered for maximum skin comfort. Infused with vitamins, micro collagen, anti oxidants, this moisturizer combats harmful free-radicals while delivering skin goodness via technologically advanced Matrixyl delivery system. Fragrance and paraben free.

Why is it unique?

It’s a multi-vitamin skin serum to smooth, soften, and firm your skin. Skin rejuvenation occurs because the formula encourages collagen production and improves capillary health. Elements work to wipe out roughness, counter irritation and build resilience.

  • Cream formulation with nourishing vitamins; collagen peptides; anti oxidants

  • Helps to nourish, support and protect the skin

  • Hydrates while protecting the skin from environmental stressors and photo aging

  • Helps keep skin soft, smooth and more youthful

  • Fragrance free and gentle

  • Tough on lines, wrinkles and sagging skin

  • For all skin types