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Manual Micro Dermabrasion Cleanser 120ml
Product Code: 201
120ml 4.06 fL oz us/4.22 fL oz uk
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What is it?

Manual-Micro-Derm Cleanser is an exfoliating skin resurfacer rich with algae and botanical extracts.  Designed to help clean and exfoliate dull skin cells,  while helping to renew and reveal a softer fresher looking skin

A luxurious scrub that gently sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving smooth, radiant, polished skin.

Important step in re-texturizing rough, dry or uneven skin. 

For smoother, even , radiant skin

A polishing and renewing exfoliation treatment for the skin

  • Smoothing skin scrub treatment 
  • gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • beads – don’t tear or rip the skin

Who is it for?

Everyone.  This product can be used on all skins is gentle enough for delicate skin and leaves the skin refined in texture, comfortable, hydrated & smoothed.

Why is it different?

  • Polyethelene microbeads are used to gently yet effectively polish, clean and invigorate the skin
  • Skin polisher that does not scratch – helps makes the skin smoother
  • Wisks away dry surface cells

Why is it important?

       Manual-Micro-Derm Exfoliation

  • helps the skin turn over cells
  • renews and refines the look of the skin
  • helps to visibly reduce the size and noticeability of superficial imperfections and dryness
  • helps remove dead surface cells making the skin look less dry and flakey
  • helps to plump the skin and address fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness
  • helps even skin tone and texture
  • helps smooth the skin – skin feels smoother; softer more youthful looking
  • make up goes on more evenly