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Revive Hair Serum 30ml
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30 ml / 1 fL oz us
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  • Because hair is a highly complex system and serves protective, sensory and beauty functions, and is also highly visible, it is one way people portray themselves as individuals; thus, its health and appearance becomes essential to our well-being.
  • Revive Hair Serum, is a unique dual-phase protein-based concentrate designed to moisturize and nourish both the hair and the scalp, providing fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair through coating and hydrating the hair shaft .
  • This unique dual concentrate helps support both tensile (firming) and tactile (feel) properties that gives hair optimum mechanical strength, pleasing aesthetics, and a radiant appearance. 
o Dual phase (oil and water) gives optimum support for both scalp and hair at the same time through nourishing and hydration.
o Restoring.  Moisture, Vitality, Luster.  Helps maintain hair in a more youthful state.   As hair grows it undergoes stressors, the fibre weakens or becomes damaged and begins to slacken and lose many of its youthful properties.
o Collagen stimulation and support.  Peptides work to support hair and scalp.
o Supports skin cell renewal (exfoliation) and anchoring (firming) of scalp surface.  
o Photo-aging protection.  This formula works to protect hair shaft against the weathering damage that it sustains.Whatever the underlying cause (i.e., chemical treatment, grooming practices, UV exposure, or environmental insult), this damage can manifest itself any number of ways: depletion of surface lipids, cross-linking of proteins, increase in fibre porosity, change in texture or formation of split-ends.
o Fuller, thicker, stronger, longer looking hair through thickening and supporting the elasticity of the hair shaft.
o Firmer, hydrated, rejuvenated scalp through nourishing and hydration– more youthful properties.
Formulated with:
  • RootBioTec HO
o extract from a hairy root culture from basil.
o fuller looking hair 
  • AnaGain™ pf
o based on organic pea sprouts.
o Helps Restore vitality and density of hair
Moisturizes and supports the elasticity and firmness of scalp.
  • Keratec™ IFP PE 
o Keratin (and) Hydrolyzed Keratin 
o Anti-Aging & Conditioning ingredient
o helps maintain the hair’s ’youthful’ characteristics 
o Preserves the hair fibre’s mechanical strength 
o Forms coherent films that smooth the cuticle 
o Provides natural anti-oxidant activity and helps sustain the color of the colored hair.
o Naturally substantive to hair 
  • Capixyl™ 
o Innovative complex of biomimetic peptide (acetyl tetrapeptide-3) combined with (Proline) a red clover extract. 
o It targets the firmness and skin integrity of the scalp 
o Skin renewal and anchoring improvement via firming of scalp 
o Supports collagen for better anchoring, firming 
Caffeine – anti-oxidant and skin stimulant.
For those with hair that is over processed, lackluster or needs a boost.   Can be used on color treated and natural hair.