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Re-Densify 3D Volume Booster 55ml
Product Code: 1916
55ml/ 1.86 fl oz
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Micro Derm Pro Peel 3-Step System
Scrubs & Exfoliants

What is it?

Dedicated formula addressing slackened and sunken in skin in a new way…

Our new and improved Re-Densify Volufirming Face Cream has added technologies to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet.  If the look of aging has your cheeks sunken-in and your face looking hallow and tired, this new formula helps improve skin texture, decreases lip contour wrinkles and give a younger-looking skin and more peaceful facial expression

Young skin is best described as full with a rounded usually pleasing form. 

Full juicy cheeks that one can affectionately pinch and soft rounded contours with skin that glows and radiates health.  In short, it’s pleasingly plump, soft and curvy. 

Concentrated skin cream with new ingredients that help make the skin look more plump and smoother, to address today’s needs and address sunken in cheeks and loss of tone or droopy looking skin.

Who is it for?

  • For skin that has lost its tone.

Why it’s unique


Preservative free system & Fragrance free

·         Gentle enough for all skin types

·         Optimal for sensitive or problematic skin

·         Light weight, does not weigh skin down


·         Through hydration and surface plumping formula targets

o   cheek volume increase - Reduces the look of sunken-in and loose skin

o   Reduces the signs of aging: loose looking skin and wrinkles

o   Has a remodelling effect,  improves the jawline

o   The skin is firmer and appears lifted and denser

o   Improves skin texture

o   Decreases lip contour wrinkles

o   Gives a younger-looking skin and more peaceful facial expression

Formula Contains:

Adifyline™ & Progeline™

·         Cheek volume increase

·         Reduces the signs of aging: loose looking skin and wrinkles

·         Has a remodelling effect, improves the jawline

·         The skin is firmer and appears lifted and denser


o   Blurs vertical wrinkles

o   Improves skin texture

o   Decreases lip contour wrinkles

o   Gives a younger-looking skin and more peaceful facial expression

Ideal lift™

• invivo tests suggest:  Restores the architecture of elastic tissue, skin appears to have an inner strength
•          Resistance:  Combats flaccidity

•          Density:  Promotes visible face contour lifting
•          Skin feels good and looks firm


·         New ingredient - the elastin enable

·         as we age elastin accumulates and changes, we look older

·         improves elasticity and resilience

·         restores toned more youthful shape to the skin contour


·         Growth factor FGF-2

·         In vivo:  ingredient helps support bio-mechanical properties of the skin:  Evaluation by a clinician showed that the skin is denser and firmer with improved texture after only 42 days, to a greater extent than with vitamin C.

·         Re-densifies dermis more efficiently than vitamin C

·         A comparison of panelists in two age classes (40-50 and 50-60 years) showed that the density and texture of the skin returned to those it had 10 years before, in only 42 days. L

·         Promotes a smoother looking skin for an overall more youthful look.

Tego Pep™ 4-17

·         supports hyaluronic acid and plumper looking skin

o   wrinkle smoothing, enhanced skin density and thickness

o   improved visco-elastic properties of the skin

Proteasyl TP™

·         collagen boosting

·         Botanical anti-enzyme complex for skin firmness and elasticity


·         skin rejuvenation skin smoothing

·         helps support proteins of the skin – that help maintain skin structure, shape and strength.

·         anti irritation – helps calm skin, important for younger looking skin


·         De-stresses and relaxes the skin

·         Reduces skin tension

·         Smoothes the micro-relief

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