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ISOMERS for Men - Facial Serum 30ml
Product Code: 176
30mL 1fl oz us/1.06 fl oz uk
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What is it?

Natural anti-oxidant facial serum combats harmful free radicals and is formulated with men’s skin in mind. ISOMERS exclusive formulation combines key phyto, mineral, vitamin and peptides for more radiant looking skin. Fragrance and paraben free.

Why is it unique?

Designed specifically for men, the pH respects the acid mantel of men’s skin, while delivering skin enhancing and nourishing elements. It’s our first multi-dimensional serum for men to target skin aging and support. The anti-oxidant system works to keep skin looking fresh and resilient.

  • Intensive serum with flax seed; aloe vera; trace minerals; and peptides
  • Nourish; hydrate and protect the skin all in one step
  • Oil free; fragrance free
  • Targets skin smoothness and visible signs of aging
  • Like vitamin blanket for the skin surface
  • Use it all over face, neck, eyes or anywhere your skin needs an age defying boost