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Moisture Rich Antarcticine Cream Bonus Size 120ml
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120 ml/ 4.06 fl oz
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What is it?

A long standing goal for humans has been the search for eternal youth, looking for a way to freeze or turn back time, all with a similar outcome, to create a more youthful appearance. The idea of freezing as a means to delay the onset of time is not new. Cold therapy, has been used for centuries, the thought process being that organic matter keeps better in the cold or freezing temperatures; much like our vegetables or meats when we put them into the freezer.  

In nature scientists have studied temperature effects and survival of organisms. In one particular instance, scientists have been able to isolate and discover a new bacterial strain, Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica, from under a glacier at Inlet Admiralty Bay. This bacterial strain produces an exopolymer during cell growth called Antarcticine®. Due to Antarcticine®’s cryoprotective properties this bacteria presents opportunities for skincare applications.   

Isomers Skincare was the first to use the bacterial strain Antarcticine® which was tested and found to have hydrating, wrinkle smoothing, protective and firming properties. The very properties we seek out to enhance and reverse the effects of time and age of our skin. More specifically, this glycoprotein has been able to demonstrate visible skin surface changes which may include hydration, wrinkle smoothing, climate / environmental protection and firming.  Isomers Skincare announces our unique formula; Moisture Rich Antarcticine® Cream, a formula rich in the glacial glycoprotein bacteria to help rehydrate, restore and replenish dry, aging or environmentally challenged skin.

Why is it unique?

The formula uses extracts from nature that have been grown in freezing or cryo-like conditions. This bacteria is not easily destroyed in these harsh conditions. This bacteria is used as a food source in nature to help nourish and protect life forms from the impossible cold and harsh conditions. 

We have been able to isolate and incorporate the glycoprotein Antarcticine™ to help provide skin smoothing, restoring and reconditioning benefits.



  • A glycoprotein derived from a new bacterial strain, Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica, isolated from under a glacier at Inlet Admiralty Bay
  • Protects epidermis from extremes of cold (also prevents dryness)
  • Helps stimulate and support collagen type I and IV (helps firm and plump the skin)
  • Offers significant anti-wrinkle activity
  • Helps prevent skin dryness – protective and repair effect
  • Helps Support dermal elasticity – important to smoother / firmer looking skin

Studies suggest that Antarcticine™ may help:

  • Plump wrinkles by up to 44% in just 30 days
  • Increase skin hydration by 45% after just 7 days
  • Give a 114% support in collagen in just 15 days
  • Give a 17% support in elastin in just 15 days

Collagen supporting

  • Anti wrinkle activity – smoother younger looking skin

Super hydrates the skin

  • This cream was formulated with key ingredients to help protect the skin from dryness, and assists with promoting firmer, smoother skin. Good for all skin types.
  • This paraben free formulation also contains a unique combination of Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Natural Vitamin E along with other moisturizing factors to keep your skin looking and feeling touchable soft and smooth.

Reduces trans-epidermal water loss

Helps support dermal barrier and decreases moisture loss keeping skin looking / feeling soft and smooth




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