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DEODRY: Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant 90ml
Product Code: 165
90ml /3.04 fl oz us/3.17 fl oz uk
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What is it?

Roll-on deodorant / anti-perspirant combining a multi-action complex for long lasting protection (from embarrassing odor and wetness). Powerful formula is gentle on the skin and clothes. Invisible when dry, and will not stain. Checks wetness, perspiration and odor while respecting even the most sensitive skin. Leaves you feeling fresh and confident.  Suitable for everyone at anytime. 

Who is it for?

As we age our skin changes in both behavior and structure. And for many people (especially those over 40 or going through “the change”), this means increased wetness and even more persistent underarm odor along with sensitive skin. We needed to resolve all of this and Deo-Dry is our solution.

As our hormones change so does our need for better, more effective under arm care that target embarrassing elements while protecting our skin, our clothes and our composure. Deo-Dry was developed to meet the needs to those who need extra security and comfort but do not want to sacrifice their skin or their clothing.

Why is it unique?

Developed by a woman to address her even more demanding need for reliable under arm care. When developing broad spectrum under arm care, we expanded our research to incorporate the best elements found in both nature and science. That is why along with the peptides and lab created ingredients you also find bamboo bringing a more visionary element to this type of personal care treatment. 

Feel fresh and confident. 

It contains:

  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate - most effective anti wetness agent
  • Triclosan
    · Anti bacterial
    · Targets bacteria and odour
  • Bamboo
    · Anti microbial – checks odour
    · Anti oxidant – fights free radicals and protects the skin
    · Rich in silica and mineral salts – supports sensitive skin
  • Sensiva – effective against odour causing gram-positive bacteria
    · Shown in “sniffing test” to be effective under practical conditions
    · Used to improve the effectiveness of deodorants
    · Gentle to the skin
  • It’s alcohol free
  • It offers a gentle, mild formulation
  • Suitable for all skin types