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Illumi-Bright Hand & Body Cream 240 ml
Product Code: 1643
240ml/ 8.12 fl oz
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  • What is it:
    • A unique multi-functional skin color, skin tone & skin complexion optimizing formula
    • For a more even toned complexion
    • Targets skin contrasts - both redness and brown spots
    • To help improve the overall tone of the skin helping to give a more unified balance between the lightness and the darkness of ones complexion
  • What makes it Unique:
    • Unique ability to target both skin redness and brown spots both from UV or environmental damage. 
    • Makes this product more useful and beneficial for every skin type and skin tone protocol
    • Proprietary complex featuring
      • Brightenyl®
        • Worldwide launch of new award winning ingredient
      • Emblica fruit extract – a cascading anti-oxidant
      • Licorice Extract – brightening & anti-oxidant
      • Niacinamide –  form of Vitamin B
  • Benefits
  • Targets:
    • Helps improve Luminosity
    • Helps reduce the look of Redness
    • Helps improve the overall brightness and radiance of the skin
    • Targets UV spots – helps to diffuse the look
    • Targets melanin – aim is to help protect and nurture the skin to ward off future spots and variances
    • Skin tone uniformity and skin color optimization (including reduction of pigmented spots).
  • Incorporates the award winning science of brightenyl® – advanced skin pigment SMART technology.  Winner of In-Cosmetics Best Ingredient Award 2015.
  • Preservative free formula – gentle on even the most delicate skin.
  • Who is it designed for:
    • Anyone with sun spots, pigmentation, redness, uneven skin tone
    • Skin lacking radiance, balance