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Essential Youth Recapture Body Cream
Product Code: 1312
240ml/ 8.12 fl oz
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Unique formula combines nutrient-rich algae, antioxidants & botanical oils for silky-soft, super hydrated and pampered skin.


Formulated with

  • Unique blend of “good bacteria algae” aka extremophiles found in impossible conditions.  First formula to combine 4 strands of extremophiles.  First formula to introduce 2 new extremophiles... one from snow caps (the snow algae extremophile) the other from deep sea hydro-thermal vents (the abyssine extremophile). 
  • Introducing  snow algae & abyssine extremophiles…
    • Snow Algae extremophile
      • Osmotic regulator that survives extreme  environmental conditions
      • Resourceful nutrient in harsh times
    • Abyssine®  extremophile
      • found in deep sea hydrothermal vent
      • Calming.  Sensitive & reactive skin improvement
      • Skin soothing benefits
    • Antarcticine® – extremophile found at base of glaciers
      • Glycol-protein extremophile found under glaciers
      • Protection against temperature change
      • Skin smoothing
    • Ectoin – extremophile found in hot, harsh desert
      • Osmotic regulator
      • Molecular chaperone
      • Retains, sustains & accumulates moisture
  • concentrated plant oils
    • cedar wood
    • clary sage
      • rich in fatty acids
  • antioxidant grape-seed polyphenols
  • natural vitamin E,  to protect the stability and performance of this uniquely beneficial oil blend
  • and stimulating & tonic oils
    • Valencia Orange
    • California Lemon
  • Caffeine –
    • antioxidant & skin tonic
    • Perfect for skin conditioning formulas

Plant oils & extracts combine to create a unique fragrance that is soothing, invigorating & imparts sense of wellbeing and joy. 

Benefits you can see and feel

  • Softer, Smoother skin feel
  • Skin is better hydrated
  • Good for all skin types
  • Plant oil blend creates a fragrance that is soothing, invigorating & imparts a sense of wellbeing and joy. 
  • An experience for mind, body and senses…


Perfect for anyone.  Perfect for all skin types.  Especially good for dry and sensitive skin types. 

Excellent as part of a daily beauty treatment  routine.  Works well alone or with other serums or oils.  

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