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Tan Trick Self Tanner 240ml
Product Code: 1290
240ml/ 8.12 fl oz
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Our best self tanner Tan Trick™- Self Tanner - using enhanced penetrating technology enables your skin to have a natural looking tan without exposing yourself to harmful sun rays. Tan Trick™ self-tanner makes you look like you’ve been in the sun, and because you control how dark your tan gets, it looks natural and right for all occasions.

  • Liquid crystal delivery system – allows for enhanced penetration and spread ability resulting in a deeper natural looking tan.
  • DHA:  Dyhydroxyacetone is the main active ingredient ; does not damage the skin, and is considered a safe skin coloring agent
  • Long Lasting: Once the darkening effect has occurred, the tan will not sweat off or wash away with soap or water. It will fade gradually over 3 to 10 days, in conjunction with the skin's normal exfoliation process. Exfoliation, prolonged water submersion, or heavy sweating can lighten the tan, as these all contribute to rapid dead skin cell exfoliation. (The dead skin cells are the tinted portion of the sunless tan.)
  • Safe:  rich golden tan without sun / uv exposure to the skin – anti aging tan
  • Quick: accelerated formulation begins to work immediately and begins to produce results under an hour
  • Hydrating and skin enhancing:  Emollient and colour-free, this cream softens the skin while depositing elements that help to make your skin golden and summer ready
  • Universal: Face and Body formulation
  • You are in the drivers seatBuild a Tan technology – apply daily or on your own schedule  to control tan intensity
  • Clean: color-free and non staining formulation – makes it easy to use and maintenance free