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Re-Densify Lip Contour Volufirming Formula 8ml
Product Code: 1093
8 ml / 0.27 fl oz
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What is it?

  • Non surgical way to achieve fuller, softer & smoother looking lips
  • Helps restore youthful lip contours while aiding in hydration & skin comfort

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants fuller , smoother , luscious looking lip contour
  • Anyone dealing with dry, dehydrated, chapped lips
  • Anyone with thin, imperfect lip line

Why it’s unique

  • Our unique synergy of key ingredients identified by isomers chemists for this particular formula.
  • Exclusive & Effective
  • Boost skin firmness:  enhance moisture retention; aid in fullness and cutaneous comfort regardless of climate (dry or cold weather )

Key ingredients:


  • Lipotec has introduced a nonsurgical way to achieve full lips,
  • A new method of vehiculizing hyaluronic acid called Hilurlip.
  • Is an oil suspension containing particles of sodium hyaluronate, which is processed to the point at which the particle size is reduced and homogenized up to 1µm—the company claims that this enhances the product’s penetration and efficacy, and can provide up to an 18% increase in lip volume. These particles expand when they come in contact with skin water, and reportedly provide long-term plumping of the lips.
  • Also contains the tripeptide GHK, a well-known RCS scavenger that protects the lips against photo damage and loss of collagen elasticity.   


  • targets the skin.  Enhances the look of volume and firmness
  • skin plumper, restorer


  • A plant derived source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids
  •  Helps support / regenerate dermal structure and boost skin protection from inside and out,
  • Helps support collagen, fibrillin and decorin
  • Helps Support Skin barrier and promote soothing.


  • Skin looks more shapely
  • Helps to make lips look fuller , smoother , more youthful curves


  • Glossy and Skin Barrier Functional Oligomer Ester
  • Vegetable-based transparent high viscosity
  • High gloss effect
  • Moisturizing/Beneficial hyrdrophilic (water loving) polymer
  • Excellent adhesiveness
  • Tasteless (suitable for lip products)

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