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Discovery VIII: Men's - 4 Pc Shave & Skin Care System
  • 1 x ISOMERS for Men - Facial Serum 30ml
  • 1 x ISOMERS for Men - Eye Serum 30ml
  • 1 x ISOMERS for Men - Moisture Cream 55ml
  • 1 x ISOMERS for Men - Shave Cream & Cleanser 240ml
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Kit Price: $55.00

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Younger, Smoother, Brighter Looking Skin in 4 Easy Steps.

This four (4) piece collection was designed with the explicit needs of Men’s skin in mind.

Products formulated with specific ingredients to help soften, smooth and hydrate, while protecting and calming the skin from the daily rigors of shaving.

This collection includes:

  1. Shaving Cream and Cleanser (240ml/ 8.12 fl oz)
  2. Eye Serum (30 ml/ 1 fl oz)
  3. Facial Serum (30ml/ 1 fl oz)
  4. Moisture Cream (55ml/ 1.86 fl oz)
ISOMERS for Men - Facial Serum 30ml

What is it?

Natural anti-oxidant facial serum combats harmful environmental stressors and is formulated with men’s skin in mind. ISOMERS exclusive formulation combines key phyto, mineral, vitamin and peptides for more radiant looking skin. Fragrance and paraben free.

Why is it unique?

Designed specifically for men, the pH respects the acid mantel of men’s skin, while delivering skin enhancing and soothing elements. It’s our first multi-dimensional serum for men to target skin aging and support. The anti-oxidant system works to keep skin looking fresh and resilient.

  • Intensive serum with flax seed; aloe vera; trace minerals; and peptides
  • Nourish; hydrate and protect the skin all in one step
  • Oil free; fragrance free
  • Targets skin smoothness and visible signs of aging
  • Like vitamin blanket for the skin surface
  • Use it all over face, neck, eyes or anywhere your skin needs an age defying boost
ISOMERS for Men - Eye Serum 30ml

What is it?

This light weight gel-serum is an exclusive Isomers formula, with a mineral-peptide technology blend to help reduce the look of puffiness, smooth the skin while helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and discoloration under and around the eye contour. Fragrance and paraben free.

Why it is unique?

  • Intensive serum for the entire eye contour

  • Targets hooded brow; puffiness; dark circles; lines and wrinkles

  • Contains collagen peptides; flax seed; age diffusing peptides

  • Helps support younger looking skin

  • Hydrates; refreshes; smooths the look of lines and wrinkles

  • Helps firm and tone down the appearance of puffiness or bags under the eyes that make one look tired

  • Has a visual optical diffusing element to make the eye look more perfect and camouflage superficial imperfections immediately upon application.

ISOMERS for Men - Moisture Cream 55ml

What is it?

Intensive cream formula for dramatic all around skin hydrating, smoothing, and brightening cream in one single blend.  Boasting our exclusive phyto-amino-peptide complex concentrate. Engineered for maximum skin comfort. Infused with vitamins, micro collagen, anti oxidants, this moisturizer combats harmful free-radicals while delivering skin goodness via technologically advanced Matrixyl delivery system. Fragrance and paraben free.

Why is it unique?

It’s a multi-vitamin skin serum to smooth, soften, and firm your skin. Skin rejuvenation occurs because the formula encourages collagen production and improves capillary health. Elements work to wipe out roughness, counter irritation and build resilience.

  • Cream formulation with vitamins; collagen peptides; anti oxidants

  • Helps to support the skin

  • Hydrates while protecting the skin from environmental stressors and photo aging

  • Helps keep skin soft, smooth and more youthful

  • Fragrance free and gentle

  • Tough on lines, wrinkles and slackened skin

  • For all skin types

ISOMERS for Men - Shave Cream & Cleanser 240ml

What is it?

Gentle and refreshing shave cream and facial cleanser in one. Exclusive blend is designed to cool, soothe and calm your skin before, during and after shaving. It has added technologies to help exfoliate and re-texturize the skin.  Engineered for maximum skin comfort when shaving and to help keep the skin of the entire face area clean and clear.  Fragrance and paraben free.

Why is it unique?

  • Cleanse the skin without stripping the protective acid mantle

  • Helps exfoliate the skin keeping it clear looking

  • Leaves skin soft, clean and refreshed

  • Excellent for shaving - adding comfort and lubricity to the skin for a smooth clean shave

  • Can be used in the shower or at the basin

  • All skin types

  • Fragrance free