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HOL17: Hydration stocking stuffer
  • 1 x Copper Rich Mask 60ml
  • 1 x Lip Exfoliating Balm 5ml
  • 2 x Lip Hydrating and Protecting Balm 5ml
Original Price: 54.00
Kit Price: $24.99
Lip Hydrating and Protecting Balm 5ml

What is it?

A super rich emulsion to protect and pamper the skin of the lips.

Why is it unique?

This lip balm helps condition and protect the lips from the drying elements keeping them softer, smoother and more comfortable regardless of the weather. Rich in Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Lavender, the formulation is intense and effective all year round.

  • Rich formulation contains
o    Shea Butter – conditioning, protecting, reduces dryness, film forming
o    Vitamin E – film forming, anti oxidant, calming
o    Lavender – calming, fragrant, soothing
  • Protects the lips from dryness, cold, weather

Who is it for?

  • Invisible - suitable for everyone
Lip Exfoliating Balm 5ml

What is it?

An intense renewing treatment designed to enhance the look and feel of the skin of the entire lip area. 

Now its easy to get softer more perfect looking lips instantly. This one step gentle exfoliating bamboo lip renewer helps reveal softer, smoother and fresher looking lips.

Who is it for?

For all skin types, suggested use as often as desired or needed. Apply lip moisture cream or lip color after treatment. 

Why is it unique?

Tiny micro-dermabrasion beads are infused into this lip balm so that you can scrub away superficial dryness while leaving a hydration barrier behind to smooth and plump up the skin surface. This treatment targets the lip area not only to enhance the way the skin of the lips look and feel, but also this treatment helps with more attractive make up application as lip color tends to glide on better and give better results on smoother polished lips. Enhance your smile and give a more healthful looking appearance to your lip area. Enjoy softer, smoother skin. 

  • Formulation is an intensive pomade infused with micro-dermabrasion beads to polish and hydrate all in one step
  • Lips do not feel dry after treatment
  • Helps to renew the skin
  • Microdermabrasion – like system targeting the lips
  • Helps to disturb / stimulate the collagen of the skin
  • May lead to firmer; younger; smoother looking skin with repeated use; time and frequency
  • Exfoliation
  • helps the skin turn over cells
  • renews and refines the look of the skin
  • helps to visibly reduce the size and noticeably of superficial imperfections and dryness
  • helps remove dead surface cells making the skin look less dry and flakey
  • helps to plump the skin and address fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness
  • helps even skin tone and texture
  • helps smooth the skin – skin feels smoother; softer more youthful looking
  • make up goes on more evenly
Copper Rich Mask 60ml

What is it?

An intensive treatment to prepare the skin for nourishment.  It contains Bio-Peptide CL and trace mineral blend, to help support collagen renewal in the skin. 

Who is it for?

  • For all skin types.  You need this if:  you want to refresh, sooth and illuminate your skin;  you’re tired of dull, tired, lacklustre skin.

Why is it unique?

It has been demonstrated to visibly help thicken the skin, reduce wrinkles and decrease skin roughness, after one continued use.

  • Collagen, as we all know, is what makes skin healthy
  • Contains Bio Peptide CL, to help support collagen renewal in the skin
  • Add the power of trace minerals and you’re on your way to fighting the visible sings of aging
  • This intensive mask is a jolt to your skin
  • It packs peptides, minerals and vitamins
  • This mask nourishes, giving a boost of emollients, minerals and skin benefiting elements
  • It helps de-stress, rejuvenate and restore the skin
  • For all skin types, this ‘shock’ treatment is used to help stimulate the skin to ready it for nourishment


Messenger peptide that stimulates the skin to support collagen and glycosaminoglycans. 

It has been compared to retinoic acid and vitamin c; and is thus recommended for the support of the dermal matrix for its firming and anti wrinkle action. It helps to thicken while being a natural substance that remains a gentle yet effective skin smoother.

Demonstrated Cosmetic Activity

In Vitro

  • Stimulates / Synthesis of collagen by fibroblast +350%
  • Stimulates / Synthesis of GAG (hyaluronic acid) by fibroblast +146%

Ex Vivo

  • Synthesis of collagen and skin repair +96% VS Retinoic Acid (Retin A) +92%
  • Messenger peptide
  • Supports thickening of the skin
  • Anti wrinkle effect
    • Reduces skin roughness
    • Reduces mean wrinkle depth (smoothes the skin)
    • Addresses deep and fine lines (crows feet and other wrinkles)
  • "wrinkles are nothing more or less than the depletion of collagen in the skin”– if this is true; ingredients that help support / maintain collagen are key for promoting youthful; smooth; line free skin
  • Bio peptide cl – is an important addition to skin smoothing formulations for its anti wrinkle activity and also because it has no irritant or dehydrating side effects


  • Contains various trace minerals in a proprietary blend. 
  • These trace minerals are Magnesium Ferment Saccharomyces, Iron Ferment Saccharomyces, Zinc Ferment Saccharomyces, Copper Ferment Saccharomyces, Silicon Ferment Saccharomyces.
  • To mimic blend naturally found in skin.  ie.  In a naturally occurring ratio as found in healthy skin and hair
  • Minerals are not manufactured by the body, you need to add them – we think its equally important to add them to the skin as well
  • Copper is the most popular of the trace minerals in this blend, due to its role as an anti-oxidant, with surface skin collagen support.
  • Zinc plays a key role in comforting and balancing skin. (i.e. zinc creams on baby diaper rash is a very popular solution)

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