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At Isomers we deeply believe in our products however we recognize our most important asset is our customers. And now we are proud to announce that we implementing a new loyalty and reward program. From July 15, 2010 forward all purchases will accrue points redeemable as discounts against future purchases. We are calling them Beauty Points! You don’t have to do anything special as our system will track your purchases. You may register to obtain an account to monitor and redeem your points, or, at certain times of the year you will be notified via email you have points with a link to apply. It is that simple. It is our way of saying thank-you for your patronage.
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In the details page of all our products you can share this product with a friend. Now you can also accrue credits on any purchases made as a result of these referrals. It is, of course, your choice but the option is yours.
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We have never been more impressed that our clients the world over share not only an interest in beauty products but often enjoy selling the products they enjoy buying. And like many good business people, they excel at what they enjoy. This opportunity is commissioned based and successful applicants enjoy the best of our marketing tools, technical product support and product information. Click here for more information.