What is the shelf life of Isomers products?
How do I know if my product has surpassed its three-year shelf life?
How long will a bottle of Isomers product last?
How often should I use the product?
Which, if any, Isomer products can be used together?
Will products cancel each other out?
Are Isomers products suitable for all skin types and colours?
Are there skin conditions that Isomers products should not be used with?
What order do I use the products in?
Can I use Isomers products with other skin-care lines?
Why don’t you have a toner in your line?
Can I mix Isomers’ Copper products with vitamin C serums?
Can I use Isomers if I am using Retin-A/Renova?
How do I find out what products are best for me?
How often should one exfoliate? What is enough?
Does ISOMERS do Animal Testing?
Why do you use Propylene Glycol?
Will you comment about a product I’m using if I email you?
I received my product in the mail and it is frozen, is it okay? I received my product in the mail and it has been sitting outside in the heat, it is okay?
Why are silicones in Isomers products? Many people are sensitive to them?
Why do you use phenoxyethanol?
The pump on my bottle won’t open
How can I find out the percentages of actives in your formulas?
My Totally Tugless Makeup Remover is solid.
ISOMERS Airless packaging: detailed information for our customers.
What are Parabens? Does ISOMERS use Parabens?
Why do I not see a padlock symbol on your website?
What are Beauty Points and how do I earn them?

What is the shelf life of Isomers products? top

Isomers products have a shelf life of three (3) years if they are stored unopened and out of sunlight. We suggest that all of our products be kept in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend storing Isomers products in your bathroom as they may be affected by humidity and changes in temperature. They do not need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Open products follow the same shelf life, if used in a hygienic way.  If your hands are not clean, for example, you may introduce bacteria to the product and overwhelm the preservative system. Introducing products to excessive amount of bacteria can potentially reduce the product shelf life.

Over-the-Counter drugs such as deodorant, acne treatments and sunscreen have an expiration date on the bottle. Please refer to bottle.

How do I know if my product has surpassed its three-year shelf life? top

Each bottle is coded with a lot number; this lot number can be found at the bottom of the bottle, printed in white or blue alpha- numeric characters (note:  the numbers are printed not embossed). Should you have any doubts or concerns, please contact ISOMERS Laboratories direct at 416-787-2465, dial 1, or contactus@isomers.ca with the lot number and product name. We will then be able to assist you.

How long will a bottle of Isomers product last? top

That depends on how often the product is used and how much is used per application. Typically, a one-ounce bottle of serum will last two to three months if three to five drops are used morning and night.

How often should I use the product? top

Every Isomers product is different. Each product label has application instructions for morning, night, or both if applicable. Most product application amounts are three to five drops or one or two pumps. Products that are not for daily use are clearly noted on the label.

Which, if any, Isomer products can be used together? top

Isomer products are designed to be used with each other. As a rule, we recommend that serums be applied first followed by creams (i.e., work from the thinnest formula to the thickest). However, there is no “wrong” way to use our products. The flexibility of our products is one of the many reasons why Isomers is a better skin-care choice.

Will products cancel each other out? top

No. Isomers products do not cancel each other out – they can all be used together so you create your own skin-care regimen for the results you want.

In the opinion of some people, it is not recommended to use these ingredients at the same time. If you have these ingredients in your routine, you can choose to use one in the morning and the other at night:

Sirtuins and Niacinamide

Line Freezing ingredients and Calcium

Vitamin C and Copper

Are Isomers products suitable for all skin types and colours? top

Yes. Isomers’ formulas and products are based on the overall need and desire for healthy skin. Therefore we do not categorize our finished products into skin-type solutions, but into overall useful skin-care treatments. We understand the basic needs of the skin and try to recreate these elements in our products. We formulate our products for sensitive skin, respecting the pH of the skin so that it does not get over-processed or stripped. This is why our products can be used on all skin types, ages and colors – and one more way in which Isomers skin-care products are different from their competitors.

Are there skin conditions that Isomers products should not be used with? top

Isomers skin-care products are for cosmetic benefit to the skin. We cannot advise you on using Isomers products for treating skin conditions that require medical attention. If you have a skin condition that requires medical attention, we highly recommend that you consult your physician. In situations where you are under medical supervision, it is prudent to show the list of ingredients for the beauty product that you wish to use to your physician, and let him/her decide whether the product is right for you. If you have allergies, a patch test is always recommended.

What order do I use the products in? top

Guidelines for How to use Isomers:

The simple steps to remember when using ISOMERS products are:  Cleanser - Serum - Cream.  Within each step, the order of use does not matter.  In fact, you can combine the products in your hand if you prefer.  You truly can’t make a mistake.  We formulate the products to be goof-proof!

 For example:

1. Cleanse with your favorite ISOMERS Cleanser.

2. Apply Activator - at night only (i.e Retiniacin Night Renewing Treatment)

3. Apply Serum(s):

(a) Targeted Serums (i.e. Wrinkle Viper, Fast Lift Eye Serum etc.)

(b) All over face Serum(s)  (i.e. Stem Genesis Intensive Serum, Ultimate Super Skin Serum etc.)

4. Apply Cream: Daytime, i.e. Sunscreen with UV Pearls, All In ONE Hydra-Protect etc; Night time, i.e. Deep Crease Correction Cream, Forever Youth Moisture Cream etc.

5. Apply Primer (i.e. BB Cream) then Make-Up , if using.

Note the above is a suggested format to use the products. With time and experience, you will begin to listen to your skin and use it the way it works best for you. If you decide the order is not optimal for your skin, then feel free to use it the way you like. Each one is different and mixing it up will not be a bad thing at all. Its about getting the best results for your skin regardless of the order of application.

Can I use Isomers products with other skin-care lines? top

Isomer products are usually compatible with most non-Isomers skin-care lines as well as over-the-counter brands. Although we are knowledgeable about many skin-care lines on the market today, we may not be immediately familiar with every new product released.

Why don’t you have a toner in your line? top

Toners are used to clean the skin one more time – to pick up what cleansers left behind – and also to re-establish the pH of the skin if a cleanser is too harsh. Isomers’ gentle cleansers clean in one step and do not stress your skin by altering its pH in a negative way. Therefore we eliminate this extra, stressful step in your skin-care routine.

Can I mix Isomers’ Copper products with vitamin C serums? top

Yes. You can mix Copper P Concentrate Serum with our vitamin C product – Illumi-Bright Vitamin C & Ferulic Skin Booster and other vitamin C products as well. Isomers’ Copper products contain trace minerals and a special form of copper that are not negatively affected by the use of vitamin C. Our copper is not oxidized (blue or green), so it acts as an anti-oxidant, and will not be cancelled out by using a vitamin C product at the same time. Please note however, that Isomers’ copper products should not be mixed with ascorbic acid.

Can I use Isomers if I am using Retin-A/Renova? top

You can use skin care over Retin A,(which is only used at night) however your skin must be super dry - i.e. wait 10 minutes before applying any other product. Also in the daytime you can use any skin care as long as you wear proper sunscreen - its imperative for retin A users.

How do I find out what products are best for me? top

You can email your questions to contactus@isomers.ca for a quick and detailed response. Or, you may call 416 787-2465, dial "1", to speak with a product specialist or to leave a voicemail which will be returned within 24 hours. Supply as much information as possible in your inquiry – your areas of concern, the products you are interested, etc. – so that we may be thorough in our response.

How often should one exfoliate? What is enough? top

Daily exfoliating should be gentle . Using a wash cloth, and good cleanser with BHA or synthetic beads in it will help to gently exfoliate. But you can over do it, so be careful. Your skin will let you know if its too much.
When skin is red or dry or irriated that area is over exfolaited or too pigmented.
Too many acids, or too intensive of a formualtion will hurt your skin Too much scrubbing and not enough down time.
Ideally a general guideline is to wait at least 36 hours between any type of exfolaition. It takes that amount of time to recuild the acid mantle of the skin and help restore the natural barrier function of the skin. Each time we shower and scrub we can be distrubing this barrier and over exfoliating our skin.

Does ISOMERS do Animal Testing? top

ISOMERS Laboratories is against animal testing on cosmetics products and ingredients. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals. Nor do we commission others to do so. We never have. We design and develop our products from key selected ingredients that their safety and efficacy has already been established and then further evaluate their performance and synergistic effects through clinical trials on human volunteers utilizing the latest non-invasive analytical techniques.

Why do you use Propylene Glycol? top

The concern about propylene glycol is all negative marketing hype; this material ends up in our formulation mainly because a number of key raw material manufacturers like Sederma use this as an extraction ingredient. This material is safe and is used as a excipient in a lot of pharmaceutical companies to enhance the performance of their products. Companies like Sederma are located in EU and they are very sensitive to using the right and safe ingredients. The second ingredient is a mold inhibitor that is approved by FDA for use in cosmetics. You are talking about 0.001% and it is totally safe at those levels.

Regardless of this safety fact we are in the process of removing all Parabens and DUs from our formulation just to keep our customers happy.

Will you comment about a product I’m using if I email you? top

As a business courtesy, we can only comment and review products under the ISOMERS brand. Products we manufacture have scientific support and are results oriented. We fully disclose our ingredients and our philosophy. We will be happy to assist you with our products and your skin care needs.

I received my product in the mail and it is frozen, is it okay? I received my product in the mail and it has been sitting outside in the heat, it is okay? top

During our product development phase we perform a number of different product stability tests and some of these tests include heat stability/shelf life and Freeze/thaw evaluations. Product stability is based of keeping the sample at elevated temperatures for 90 days. If the product passes this test, you can determine that it will have a minimum shelf life of two years and that it can tolerate higher temperatures for a shorter period of time without compromising product quality.

The Freeze/Thaw test basically comprises of freezing and thawing the product for three cycles and passing this test will imply that when the product freezes and then thaws under room temperature the product characteristics and/or quality are not compromised.

The above basically means that if you receive our product(s) by mail during hot summer months or frozen in winter months you need not to worry about the product going bad. Having said that , after you receive our product, it is important that you store in at room temperature (less than 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and prevent sun exposure. If the product is frozen, thaw at room temperature or in a warm water bath - do not put the product in the microwave.

Why are silicones in Isomers products? Many people are sensitive to them? top

Silicones cover a broad range of ingredients and molecules and one can not place them all under the same umbrella. Incorporation of certain silicone molecules can allow the formulation to act like a time / slow release matrix and formation of a semi occlusive barrier where penetration of the key ingredients can be further enhanced.

Although certain silicones can be irritating to the skin a wide group of silicone like the ones we use are actually soothing to the skin through creating a nice velvety emollient film.

Why do you use phenoxyethanol? top

Preservatives are essential components of cosmetics and toiletries because they ensure the microbial quality of these products. They function by creating an environment that is unfavorable for the survival and growth of micro-organisms.

Phenoxyethanol has been used in the preservation of cosmetics since 1970. Apart from its use in the personal care industry, Phenoxyethanol is also used as a preservative in pharmaceutical applications. It provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast, and mold.

The EU, Brazil, and Japan have approved Phenoxyethanol at a maximum concentration of 1% for all personal care applications. Isomers uses this ingredient at substantially lower concentration in its cosmetic formulations.

We switched to this ingredient to make our formulations Paraben free. Unfortunately many organizations and websites create panic and fear by exaggerating and twisting toxicity information in order to promote and serve their own interests or in order to create hype to attract you to their news columns.

When you try to make a safety assessment and reading through the various information sources please keep in mind that any ingredient at a high dosage can and will become toxic and this includes water, grapefruit juice and even vitamins. The use of Phenoxyethanol at the approved levels in cosmetics is absolutely safe and at the recommended use levels to the best of our knowledge has not been linked to any health hazards.

The pump on my bottle won’t open top

How to unlock pump:
Look at the pump in three parts:
- saddle head
- "knob" under the saddle head
- part that adheres / screws on to the neck of the bottle

While rotating the saddle head, with fore finger & thumb hold the "knob" ensuring that it does NOT rotate.

How can I find out the percentages of actives in your formulas? top

The exact concentrations of actives in some of our formulations is considered confidential information. Those that we can share are included in the product name or within our product information on the ISOMERS website.  We can say that we use clinically tested amounts or higher in optimized delivery systems. Please do not get hung up on concentrations as they do not always mean much. Think of an engine size for an automobile and its relationship to its maximum speed. People think the bigger the engine size the faster the car can travel. However this is not true. The size of the engine on a Farm Tractor is much bigger than a Ferrari but the Ferrari is a much faster car. It is all in the design.

When it comes to cosmetic formulations the concentration of the active does not necessarily determine the product performance, it is the design of the formula that is the determining factor. For example you can buy pure vitamin C from the pharmacy for a lot less but putting it on your skin will not give you any benefits.

My Totally Tugless Makeup Remover is solid. top

Our Totally Tugless Make up Remover has a low freezing point, thus it can be normal to receive in a solid state if it was exposed to colder temperatures. Simply let thaw at room temperature, shaking it every now and again. To ensure that it does solidify again, ensure that it is stored at room temperature, and ensure that it is 100% completely liquid. If there are any crystals left in the bottle, then it is prone to solidifying again.

ISOMERS Airless packaging: detailed information for our customers. top

We have posted some information about our airless packaging on our Facebook page. You can view the post here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151643288274696.1073741826.23973709695&type=3&uploaded=1#!/photo.php?fbid=10151643288319696&set=a.10151643288274696.1073741826.23973709695&type=1&theater
You do not need to be a Facebook member to view this information. Cut & paste the link into your web browser and it will take you to the page.

What are Parabens? Does ISOMERS use Parabens? top

Preservatives are used in cosmetic formulations to help safeguard them from exposure to bacteria and fungi. This helps us keep our formulations stable and safe for use. Parabens are a group of widely used preservatives. i.e. Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, etc….. This group of preservatives has been the center of many controversial studies, linking them to various issues such as skin sensitization and cancer. After consultation with various research groups and reviewing the available safety data on parabens we believe much of what is based said is substantially exaggerated , and parabens are victims of today’s media which is based on selling “sensational journalism” and news that are controversial/ negatively hyped. The facts in media are not always stated properly and usually twisted as feared based media is usually more attractive and proven to sell.

Having said that in order to eliminate our customer’s concern in this area we have been working hard to develop a universal (broad spectrum; i.e. fights bacteria and fungi) paraben free system that is safe and effective and does not become a formaldehyde donor, as many of the current alternative paraben free formulations work through releasing formaldehyde in the cosmetic matrix. This includes the so called natural systems. After many efficacy trials we have finally been able to develop a safe stable alternative and many of our products are now paraben free. We have gradually changed our older formulations to this new preservative system.

We would like to emphasize that our opinion on safety of parabens has not changed and this move has been a step to reduce our customer’s safety concerns and has been based on our customers repeated requests for paraben free formulations.

Why do I not see a padlock symbol on your website? top

Isomers.ca does not hold any private customer information such as credit card information.  The credit card information is requested on a page that is secured with a padlock, (HTTPS).


What are Beauty Points and how do I earn them? top

All orders placed directly on the ISOMERS ® website, automatically accrue Beauty Points that are redeemable for discounts on a future purchase. Beauty Points are accrued at a rate of 3% of your order amount (excluding shipping fees and taxes). 

 What is the value of the Beauty Points in my account?
10 Beauty Points equals a $1 discount.  For example, if you have 65 Beauty Points in your account, you can redeem them for $6.50 off your order.

 How do I redeem Beauty Points?
Redeeming points is as easy as logging into your account on www.isomers.ca.  On the homepage, select “Sign in”.  Enter your email address and password.  (If you forgot your password, select the “Forgot Password” link and you can reset it.)  Next, on your account page, click on the yellow words “Beauty Points” on the left side of the page.  Then select the link in pink font on the next page to redeem!  This will take you the storefront and you can place your order.  You will see the Beauty Point Redemption details on the checkout page near the bottom.

 Can I redeem Beauty Points on phone orders?
Unfortunately, because the redemption process requires your personal login information, we are unable to redeem points over the phone.  If you need assistance, you can certainly give us a call and we can walk you through the online process. 

 Do Beauty Points expire?
Yes!  Be sure to take advantage of your Beauty Points, as they expire 12 months after they are issued.  We cannot re-issue Beauty Points after they have expired.

Would you like to accrue Beauty Points faster? 
Or earn commissions by recommending products to your friends?

ISOMERS® Loyalty Programs are other ways to accrue Beauty Points and/or cash back.  Learn more about our Refer A Friend and Sales Team programs here. You can easily convert your existing account to either the Refer a Friend or Sales Team by simply following the steps on the link for the program that you are interested in joining.