We are a family business whose purpose and passion is dedicated to the science of ageless beauty. Through cutting-edge research and scientifically-developed formulas using only the finest ingredients we have developed our skin care; cosmetics and nutrimental products whose sole purpose is to empower you to discover your most beautiful self. We hope you enjoy.
Manuela Marcheggiani (Co-Founder)
6xHA Moisture Mask 60 ml

Immortal Supreme Lift Dermal Booster Vials

Ultimate Super Skin Peel Off Mask 30ml

1213: Winter Essentials 2017

Pore Minimizer with Microsilver 30ml

Discovery I: All-in-One Series Universal System for all Ages

Discovery II: Wrinkle Defense System

Discovery III: Custom Repair System for sensitive skin & chronological aging

Discovery IV: Brightening System for sun damage & discoloration

Discovery V: Restorative System for Signs of Accelerated Aging

Discovery VI: Contouring System for Sunken-in/hollow look

Discovery VII: Replenishing System for Hormonal Aging

Discovery VIII: Men's - 4 Pc Shave & Skin Care System

1117: 3 for 1 Sunscreen with UV Pearls

One for Lips Complete Collection

PM 2.5 Pollution Defense Cream 55ml
Moisturize / Protect
Body Elixir: toning - renewing

Hair Smoothing Serum: styles, finishes & protects

Stem Genesis Youth Sculpting Body Cream 120ml

Reveal N' Renew Thermal Microdermabrasion Mask 55ml

Franken-Myrrh Hand Wash

It's Gorgeous Foundation Shade 2 30ml

It's Gorgeous Foundation Shade 3 15ml

Juniper Lemon Mint Body & Hand Cream

Accelerated Recovery Serum 30ml

Lip & Cheek Tint 15ml

B-Calm Anti-Redness Serum30ml

Illumi-Bright Skin Brightening Formula 30ml

Reno Genesis Youth d-Code Cream 55ml

Moderation is the Name of the Game
Many years ago when I had recently graduated from University I was having lunch with Dr. Mikio Chiba a well-known research scientist at Agriculture Canada. Opportunities like that did not come by often and I was eager to learn as much as I could from him.

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